THEX Refrigeration

Prologue: THEX offers a wide range of air or water-cooled refrigeration systems. Depending on the requirements, our systems are equipped with scroll, screw or turbocor compressors. Our high flexibility in terms of dimensions, noise emissions (good or super-soundproof), functions and construction offers you a wide range of options for adaptation to your needs.

Our systems are extensively tested in the factory before delivery and then pre-filled with oil and refrigerant (not possible with evaporator units, with condenser units depending on the installation location). All our systems are suitable for indoor or outdoor installation, have their own control and can be self-sufficient and / or connected to your building management technology.

We use highly efficient, contemporary and certified components only. Speed control of the compressors, pumps and fans is just as much a part of our range as the electronic expansion valves.

Chiller Kaltwassersatz Schema
Cold water chiller
Evaporator unit
Condenser unit

Cold water chillers for the cooling of liquids.

A water chiller consists of two separate circuits – a refrigerant circuit and a liquid circuit. The liquid media used are water, oils or glycols, which are conveyed through the evaporator by a circulation pump.

Depending on the application, we will recommend free cooling in your water chiller. With the use of liquid coolers, this offers the possibility of using the low outside temperatures of the cold seasons inexpensively (instead of compressor cooling).

Direct expansion systems for cooling air

The main advantage of direct evaporation systems is their high energy efficiency and their small footprint. Pumps and their regulation are completely eliminated – which, in addition to the high, specific heat capacity, is another energy-saving factor.

The disadvantages lie in the high amount of refrigerant that may be required, in the event of leaks and the resulting environmental pollution as well as the replacement costs.

Evaporation units

Evaporator units consist of evaporator (s) and compressor (s) and must be connected to an external (usually outside) condenser. These units are pre-filled with oil and nitrogen (overpressure) at our factory.

Condenser units

Condenser units consist of condenser (s) and compressor (s) and must be connected to an external evaporator. These units are pre-filled with oil and nitrogen (overpressure) at our factory.

Heat pumps

Our heat pumps are suitable for use in small / medium-sized buildings and for industrial applications. Especially for use in underfloor heating systems. They were designed and optimized for heating operation and can heat water to a flow temperature of 60 ° C even at an outside temperature of -20 ° C. All versions are equipped with a 4-way switch valve for defrosting the air heat exchanger in heating mode. Our bivalent heat pumps are also able to generate hot and cold water at the same time. Thanks to a system specially developed by us, we can keep the noise level extremely low.