THEX Air conditioning

Prologue: THEX offers compact air conditioning systems and air conditioning cabinets in modular design. Unlike the manufacturers of box-devices, we will build your air conditioning system on request specifically for you and according to your specifications. You have full scope for design, because you decide on dimensions, air volumes, equipment, control panels, materials, the control system used, built-in refrigeration technology etc.

Our climate cabinets are suitable for use in industry, server rooms, measuring rooms, laboratories and operating theaters. We can build according to the requirements of VDI 6022. We prove our technical brilliance when it comes to maintaining a high level of constancy in temperature and air humidity – keyword: precision air conditioning technology.

In addition to water-cooled air conditioning systems and air conditioning cabinets, we also have systems with direct evaporation ready for you in our portfolio. These can be water-cooled or air-cooled, single or multi-circuit.

We use highly efficient, contemporary and certified components only. Speed control of the compressors, pumps and fans is just as much a part of our range as the electronic expansion valves.

THEX limitless

Our possibilities in air conditioning are almost limitless. Challenge us and let us develop your tailor-made air conditioning or climatic cabinet!